• The unique, distinctive and essential ASH Apparel Collection combines exotic and luxury fibres with rich colours and classic styling to produce a look and feel as unique as each individual’s approach to the game of life. This luxurious garment is made from premium fabrics specially finished for a silky smooth hand feel, uncreased luster, greater absorbency and lightweight comfort.

    Our Speciality

    Our specialty is providing every client with a customized product which is unique for them and with their own corporate branding.

    Some of the premium fabrics we work with

    - Polyester technical fabrics with finishes like moisture management and anti-bacterial, anti-UV etc
    - 100% cotton mercerised fabric
    - 100% cotton pique fabrics with different washes

New Collection

POLO: L 012

POLO: L 013

POLO: L 013 Pink

POLO: L 013 Red

POLO: L 013 Yellow Fluo

POLO: M 015

POLO: M 017

POLO: M 018

POLO: M 019 Green

POLO: M 019 Orange

POLO: M 019 Turquoise

POLO: M 019 White

POLO: M 020 Orange - Back

POLO: M 020 Orange - Front

POLO: M 020 Yellow Fluo Back

POLO: M 020 Yellow Fluo Front

Some of our best sellers

POLO: L 001

POLO: L 002

POLO: L 003

POLO: L 004

POLO: L 006

POLO: L 007

POLO: L 008

POLO: L 009

POLO: L 010

POLO: L 011

POLO: L 014

POLO: L 005

POLO: M 001

POLO: M 002

POLO: M 003

POLO: M 004

POLO: M 005

POLO: M 006

POLO: M 007

POLO: M 008

POLO: M 009

POLO: M 010

POLO: M 012

POLO: M 013

POLO: M 014

POLO: M 016